Sara Hackney



"Everything necessary to take the world by storm."

"Ridiculously amazing voice."

"Sara Hackney owns the crowd. You'll be hearing more from this amazing artist soon."

"Needs to be singing in front of millions.."

"Her voice is captivating, rich, and sultry."

"Broken Doll promises to be a mesmerizing album filled with light and shadows, dark and mysterious while toying with your playful side."

"I always clamor for more of Sara's music. Her voice continually gives me chills."

"Catchy, soulful songs."

"Adele and Alanis Moorisette had a younger sister, and her name is Sara Hackney."

"..Amazing set of pipes. Watch out for this one!"

"She continues to command attention on the stage. She has a superb voice that will leave you in awe."

"Hot damn, she's got a stellar voice."

''Her sultry and delicate tones will leave you captivated."

"Hackney is an enchantress, weaving a spell through the audience, voice tickling your senses, bold and sweet, sultry and thick.. She sets you on the edge of your seat, begging for more."

"Her voice immediately draws you in, clamoring for more sensuality."

"Sara Hackney has a voice that stops you in your tracks."

"Something in her voice seems to keep drawing you in."

"A young songwriter moving up in the world."

"Sara sings with heartbreaking agony and longing. Absolutely warm and appealing."

"Hackney's music hits with the impact of a well-timed whisper between two lovers and the irresistible pull of your emotions, guaranteed to capture your heart."

"Fans adore her smooth, sultry tones and heartbreaking lyrics." 

"Sara slams a home run with Rebelle. Guaranteed to mesmerize every fan."

"There are some voices that immediately stop you in your tracks and transcend worlds, and Sara Hackney is a great example."